Tuesday, December 14, 2010

something my psych degree finally proved good for

At dinner tonight, Maddy was trying to get the red sauce off the penne pasta, rubbing it off with her fingers. "I don't like it" she says to me.
"Why don't you lick it off?" I respond. 
And she does, proceeding to eat it all.
Stifling laughter I ask, "Did it work?" 
She nods.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

tell me something good

i am imperfect. i make mistakes all the time. i get angry. i want my way. i usually think i'm right. my weaknesses and sinfulness cannot be hidden for long if you know me i probably offend without knowing, hurt without wanting, stomp all over without meaning...but i long to know that sometimes, someplace, to someone or someones i did something right, meaningful, lasting, worth this life. encouragement is a good thing!

Here's an article that goes along with these thoughts...we all need encouragement!!