Thursday, December 2, 2010

tell me something good

i am imperfect. i make mistakes all the time. i get angry. i want my way. i usually think i'm right. my weaknesses and sinfulness cannot be hidden for long if you know me i probably offend without knowing, hurt without wanting, stomp all over without meaning...but i long to know that sometimes, someplace, to someone or someones i did something right, meaningful, lasting, worth this life. encouragement is a good thing!

Here's an article that goes along with these thoughts...we all need encouragement!!


  1. I am encouraged by you all the time Meg! Your support and partnership has been irreplaceable. I So enjoy our times together. You sharpen me, my friend and I love you for it.

  2. I adore you! You are real and truly want to do what God wants you to do. You have a servant heart and love openly! I am grateful that you are my friend, my confidant and my co-sojourner in the life God has given us!

  3. I think you just listed the prerequisites for being a wife and mother. I remember being much more easy going when I was single. Then the kid came along, and suddenly I started to take on his behaviors. Living by yourself is easy. You usually get along with yourself and everyone else, when you can escape back to the solitude of your own space. But when you throw testosterone and kids into the mix, people whom your are surrounded by full time, life gets much more difficult.
    Believe me, when I say you are doing an amazing job! Your grace and loving spirit at DP remain with me to this day. Remember to give yourself the same grace you give to others around you and that Christ gives to you. You deserve it. And if that doesn't work, may I suggest a room of your own ; )
    Tracy M.

  4. Hey, hey, you are one of my inspirations. I know we don't see each other that often anymore (so you couldn't have offended be unknowingly ha ha) but I think about you all the time. Praying for you without knowing why is usually a hint from God that there's a "why" but I put it off and never ask. Sorry about that... Thank you for this note.

  5. You bless me every day! I am amazed how many lives you touch, reflecting the love of Christ. You walk forward with God, actually dance is a better word. It is a privilege to know you. Love you.