Sunday, February 28, 2010

Plastic Wo-man?

Seriously, how many different things could possibly be asked of me today?  Some of it was my own fault, poor planning, lack or foresight or whatever, but seriously, it was just a ridiculous kind of day where nothing went the way I wanted it to go and it seemed that every step I tried to take was hijacked.  One way or another, my plans for today went out the window.  Not always a bad thing.

As I ping-ponged around from one demand to another, I felt so stretched beyond what I know possible.  I guess that could be a good thing, but now I am drained and empty.  So tired. I am not Plastic Woman.  I don't want to be!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

The story is not over yet

So thankful that this is not all there is to life

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

it's not a good sign when...

you take your baby to MD for 6 month old "well baby check" and he says, "wow, you're the first people I've seen all day that haven't been sick."

gee, thanks doc.  now i just want to sanitize my kids and put gloves on their hands so they can't touch anything in his little cubicle exam room.

and my 2 year old of course is touching EVERYTHING!!


got back on saturday night.

still have luggage and clothes and piles all over the house.  dishes in the sink   toys everywhere.

this week i seem to have barely enough energy to get work done, family fed, bills paid.

throw in a couple of doctor appts and i feel like i'm on tilt.

my goal tonight:  clear off the dining room table.


now i must clear off my bed so i can sleep in it.  i guess that's goal #2.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

What happened to volunteers?

And why is that such a bad word?  to volunteer.  To give of your time and energy with no expectation for compensation or reward.  To willingly give your time and talent.  That should be applauded.  Instead, it's become demeaning for some reason.

Why can't we commit to giving of ourselves to what is meaningful? to what is eternal? to what makes a difference?  to what has a lasting impact on our communities? our neighborhoods? our schools? our churches?

Why are we so unwilling to commit to serve or give our time in some meaningful way that WE DON'T BENEFIT?  to serve sacrificially?  Why do we just want to "dabble" in helping others when it's convenient and doesn't restrict our self-centered lifestyles?!

How about:
* visit a VA hospital
* help build houses
* elderly visits
* soccer coach asst
* deliver meals
* tutor or teach kids
* serve food
* Sunday School! :-)

There are so many non-profit opportunities out there just waiting for folks to commit to making a difference.  And they rely on volunteers.  Otherwise, it just can't happen.

Instead, we all say: it's inconvenient. or I'm too busy.  or I don't have enough time. or I'm tired.  or I give money that's my part.  or I'm out of town a lot.

I detest these "excuses". Really.

I think there is no excuse for us self-centered, lazy, consumeristic Americans.  We CAN commit.  It's just a matter of what we choose to commit our allotted 24 hours a day of time to.  We CAN commit - I see proof:

* on Facebook.  How many hours to we give to Facebook games?
* our TV addictions.  Lost anyone?  American Idol anyone?  CSI anyone?
* movies.  How many 2 hour movies do you watch a month?

I could go on and on.  I'm guilty too.  I don't seem to have any time for myself, let alone others.  I am lucky to get one work out a week these days.  I don't get enough sleep.  I am tired.

I just get so frustrated when I hear "I don't have time for that" and "I can't commit to's too much" when really it isn't all that much and I truly believe IT MATTERS.  I just wish more folks agreed with me.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Don 't you hate it when...

 ...everyone else has a worse day than your own bad day?

So cheer each other up with the hope you have. Build each other up. In fact, that's what you are doing.  1 Thes. 5:11

Sunday, February 7, 2010


I love the moments of sheer delight that are often written on my daughters face and in her whole body like she's wearing it.

Running across a huge grass soccer field...

Jumping: from a step, from her chair, from the car, from the couch, from her bed, anything!

At the park, endlessly swinging, saying "higher higher mommy" with the biggest grin...

Being tossed up in the air by mommy, then says "again again!"...

Somersaults, again and again and again...

Being "found" after hiding under the covers in her bed for the zillionth time...

Seeing Lindy walk through the door and full octane sprints to greet her...

Becoming "burrito maddy" in a towel after bathtime so we can "eat" her...

Making huge long animal "parades" with all her stuffed animal friends and then joins the line with pride!...

Prayer time:  "Who do you want to prayer for?"  And always, first thing, like it's all one word and talking really fast like her daddy does, she says, "lindseyryanchicomotley."  She loves her auntie Lindsey!  She gets first prayer priority every night without fail!!

Walking through the house with her special blanket over head and hugging us while we say something like "ooh where did maddy go? and why is this pink blanket hugging my leg?!"...meanwhile, giggles erupt from the blanket...

Saturday, February 6, 2010

wisdom for the day

Fire goes out for lack of fuel, and quarrels disappear when gossip stops.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Sweet Words

Maddy and new little friend D are playing, running around, hanging out this afternoon.  D's dad says D has to come with him for a minute to go get something or so something (I wasn't paying attention).

D is a little upset that he has to leave Maddy.

"Is she going to miss me?" he asks.  So seriously.  So worried.  His tone just melted my heart!

That is the sweetest thing I've heard in awhile and exactly why I love kids.  Their hearts are just amazing!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

What are we doing to ourselves?

The more I read about food in America, the more terrified and disappointed I become all at once.

How can the system that is supposed to look out for us be so controlled by the wrong hands?

Meat.  Chicken.  Milk.  Eggs.  Wheat.  Fruit.  Vegetables.  So many of the basic staples are of frightening quality now unless you really seek out good stuff.

I see I have a long road ahead of me.  Lots to change.  It will take time, effort, energy, and dutifulness.  Such a bummer when life is so busy and you just need another gallon of milk (again) on your way home from work.

Fight back America!  Edcuate yourself and don't fall prey.  Each time you shop you send a message.  Tell them we choose to be ignorant no longer.  Tell them to stop the craziness by refusing to buy processed, altered, hormoned, weakened, obesity diabetes and heart disease inducing food?  If you can, tell them!

Food Renegade website

Non GMO Project website

Animal, Vegetable, Miracle: A Year of Food Life (P.S.) book

Nourishing Traditions: The Cookbook that Challenges Politically Correct Nutrition and the Diet Dictocrats book

the movie "King Corn" and "Food Inc" on DVD

"The Omnivores Dilemma" by Michael Pollan book

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Making Mistakes

I hate it when I mess up.

I seem to have all these voices telling me lies like "you failed",  "you're terrible", "you are good for nothing", "how stupid can you be".

So, we're about ready to go on vacation - to Mexico.  I thought I was getting all my ducks in a row this morning when I called the airline to let them know I was bringing a lap child.  Come to find out, all my ducks were way out of line!

Did you know you need a passport for infants?  I sure did not!!  I don't think I've left the country since our honeymoon.  This will be our first international family trip!  And the last time I went to Mexico, I didn't even need a passport for myself!!

So, I also find out that this particular airline is going to charge me $100 for her to sit in my lap, not eat any of their food, not drink any of their sodas, and not get her own seat!  What?!  Oh, but I can pack a 22lb bag for her, no charge.  Oh yay, thanks.  22lb bag + 15lb baby fully clothed = $100 fee?  Wow.  Alas, we have no choice.  She's coming!!

So, I had to drag my husband and kids to the city so the two girls could get expedited passports.  Yes, both parents must be present with the child at the time of the request.  A $150 mistake for me.  That's the fee I have been penalized because we needed them right away.  Major bummer.  That's when those nasty voices (lies) kick in and I have to fight discouragement.

You should see her passport's hilarious.  A baby mugshot. The photo guy was frustrated b/c she kept smiling at the camera.  He just wanted her to look, not smile.  Haha.  Why?  So you can't see her teeth?  She only has two and they're barely visible!

I still can't believe passports are issued for infants.  So when she's five, can she still use it?!  Will TSA flag her b/c the photo doesn't match?!

truth = His grace is sufficient for me, where the spirit of the Lord is there is freedom, He gives me a spirit of power, love and self control.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Michelle, I like the way you think

Michelle Duggar has had 19 children at this point. All with her own body.  Wow.  And, they are not Mormon.  Again, wow.  They live debt free.  More wow.  They have genuine faith and seek God in their decisions.  On TV.  Wow.  Wow.  Are they for real?  They take a lot of abuse for their large family, but they stand firm in their beliefs and decisions.  I admire that.

I have yet to see any of this huge family in action on TLC, but a friend told me about them awhile back so I checked out their website and have just read their book: The Duggars, 20 and Counting!

One of the highlights for me was reading the section on "training and correcting little ones".  I love how they intentionally use positive reinforcement and are always on the lookout for opportunities to train.  This intentionality as parents is honorable and unfortunately, so rare, from what I can tell of mainstream American parenting these days.

She teaches her kids that obedience has 4 parts:  instant, cheerful, thorough, unconditional.  I am having a hard time with 2 kids, how does she do this with 18?!

I long to figure out how we too, in our home, can be intentional with all our decisions having a goal in mind, pointing us towards a known target.  Here are some thoughts I compiled back in March last year after attending a workshop on family ministry:

In Proverbs 22:6, the Bible says we’re supposed to train up our children in the Lord right? I get that, but what does that look like in real life?” Here’s my answer: To me it means discipleship…go and make disciples is our great command – our kids included. What is a disciple? It’s our end goal. The target we’re after. It’s my end goal to see my daughters, out on their own, without my guidance anymore, as fully devoted adult disciples of Jesus Christ. Try this:

I want my daughters to know God intimately
I want my daughters to love God passionately
I want my daughters to serve God selflessly

These goals are lofty. I cannot take them where I have not been myself.  So, I've got to go now.  He wants me to spend time with Him.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Overrated and Unnecessary

Most meetings, television, microwaves, pancake mix, jello, wipe warmers, all the stuff at Costco that I'm tempted to buy when I'm there, but promptly forget about once I ge home!  I can't stand how I feel when all those carrots are dangled before me.  Hmm.  That's why I avoid the mall too as much as I can.

I wish I could add conflict, but I guess it must be necessary for some reason?