Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Making Mistakes

I hate it when I mess up.

I seem to have all these voices telling me lies like "you failed",  "you're terrible", "you are good for nothing", "how stupid can you be".

So, we're about ready to go on vacation - to Mexico.  I thought I was getting all my ducks in a row this morning when I called the airline to let them know I was bringing a lap child.  Come to find out, all my ducks were way out of line!

Did you know you need a passport for infants?  I sure did not!!  I don't think I've left the country since our honeymoon.  This will be our first international family trip!  And the last time I went to Mexico, I didn't even need a passport for myself!!

So, I also find out that this particular airline is going to charge me $100 for her to sit in my lap, not eat any of their food, not drink any of their sodas, and not get her own seat!  What?!  Oh, but I can pack a 22lb bag for her, no charge.  Oh yay, thanks.  22lb bag + 15lb baby fully clothed = $100 fee?  Wow.  Alas, we have no choice.  She's coming!!

So, I had to drag my husband and kids to the city so the two girls could get expedited passports.  Yes, both parents must be present with the child at the time of the request.  A $150 mistake for me.  That's the fee I have been penalized because we needed them right away.  Major bummer.  That's when those nasty voices (lies) kick in and I have to fight discouragement.

You should see her passport's hilarious.  A baby mugshot. The photo guy was frustrated b/c she kept smiling at the camera.  He just wanted her to look, not smile.  Haha.  Why?  So you can't see her teeth?  She only has two and they're barely visible!

I still can't believe passports are issued for infants.  So when she's five, can she still use it?!  Will TSA flag her b/c the photo doesn't match?!

truth = His grace is sufficient for me, where the spirit of the Lord is there is freedom, He gives me a spirit of power, love and self control.

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