Monday, May 17, 2010


I think this may be my new favorite word.

I long for simpler life.  I long for simpler food.  I crave, yearn, hugely desire a simpler schedule.  I would love there to be less to do, more to enjoy.  We have been given ONE amazing opportunity in life to find our purpose, meet and live for our Maker, seek His will, enjoy His creation, demonstrate His love.

Why does life get so complicated so quickly?  One day I think I am managing the chaos beast, then the next, he is out of control, spinning us in circles!

I am focusing on simple.

Just doing what I can.  trying to be a good wife, a good mom, a loving person.

For all that opposes me in those objectives (and there seems to be a lot), BOO to you.  I'm down on the garbage that is shoved down our throats on TV, billboards, radio, newspaper, any news.  I'm down on the "I NEED" the latest version of this or update of that - what is wrong with the current model anyway?!  It still works and yet we feel the need to replace everything (car, computer, phone, camera, house, spouse...the list can go on and on!). I am down on the need to entertain everyone, keep everyone busy, or worry that we might miss out on something.

I will survive even if I don't know who is on American Idol this year.  My daughter will thrive even if I don't sign her up for dance class or horse back riding lessons.  I will survive despite not getting to wear the latest styles.  My husband will survive without the newest and greatest camera (hopefully!)!

Why are so uncommitted to what is now and what is right in front of us?  I know for me, I have been blessed with an amazing family.  I need to simply focus on that.  My kids are young right now.  That is a HUGE commitment...what I need to focus on.  It is what simple life is for me right now, focusing on the little people I am raising and supporting the man I committed my life too for as long as I live.

Now, how to get simpler food on our plates?!  I just watched "The Wilderness Family" movie from the 70s.  Hilarious and yet eerily familiar to me and my own young childhood!  At one point, they're eating a meal together of only food they grew or made, or killed themselves.  I was jealous!


  1. Amen! A simple life is what I strive for/long for most these days.

  2. I'll start hunting neighborhood cats for dinner. :)
    and the latest and greatest camera is the Nikon D3X (almost $8000 body only) the camera I have been talking about is the Nikon D90 (about $800 body only).

    Love You

  3. Meg- have you read "living with less so your family has more" by Jill Savage? I just finished it and I'm still ruminating over it and potential changes to our lifestyle. I think it's right up your alley!