Thursday, July 29, 2010

losing my mind?

Brought a salad to work a couple days ago.  Completely forgot about it.  I was starving at lunch time...thinking I need to go get something before I perish!  Hello, went to grab my keys, and guess what I found?  Oh yeah...the lunch I brought.  Where is my brain?

How is it that I can forget what day of the week it is...nearly everyday?!

Dear husband is telling me about conversations we had...what?  don't recall it at all.  Where was I exactly (in my head) if I was there talking about things I don't remember!

Can't find my keys and sunglasses - all the time.

Leaving my phone on the charger, don't notice till I'm at work, don't have it for 12 hours on Monday (it's my long day at work).  Wooops.

Lost my usb flash drive thingy...why are there so many names for those little storage devices that are now smaller than my car key and so easy to lose?  major bummer.

I blame my kids.  It's gotta be a mom-brain thing.  I'm not old enough for dementia or Alzheimers right?  Please tell me so.  Just plain old tired I hope.

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  1. Wow, it's been awhile! Just realized I missed all of June. Didn't post a thing. Hmmm, gotta try and get back into this. It's good for me to put myself out there. To not hide. To even allow myself to do the self-examination that I really need to do!