Wednesday, September 22, 2010

vanity and unwanted hair

How in the world do I explain why I'm tweezing my eyebrows to my 3 year old while she is going to the bathroom?!

"Why momma?  Why you do that?" she asks.

So many answers pop in and out of my mind, but nothing sounds good, right, honest or what I want her to hear. 

Answers like:

Well, I have these extra hairs that keep growing out that I don't want...If I don't get them, I'll have a bushy uni-brow...It drives me crazy when I see those little buggers sprouting out in the wrong place...For whatever reason, God gave me some extra ones...Oh I'm just multi-tasking, just passing the time...Because my best friend in middle school showed me how and said I needed to...Maybe because I'm just vain and self-conscious and always imagining people staring at them wondering why I don't take care of that mess...It's something to do while I'm waiting for you on the potty...You know, the beautifully made up models with professionally shaped & groomed brows create expectations in my head that I can't ever meet, but somehow I still want to strive for them.

Oh boy, I just want this conversation to go away!!  So I say, "Don't forget to flush" and off we go.

But I am reminded of what really matters, because of her question.  Get over it I tell myself.  And at least for the moment, I will.

BTW - I did a google image search to get a photo of a pair of tweezers.  So scary to see all those different types of pluckers out there.  It's made me even more aware of this crazy insane culture we live in that detests unwanted and supposedly unnecessary hair - we're so vain!!

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