Wednesday, March 17, 2010


what an awesome button.

whoever thought that up is a genius really.

i just got to hit the f5 button on my life.  for 4 days of renewal and rejuvenation and inspiration and encouragement.

what an amazing gift.

it included:

* facial & a massage (thank you someone anonymous out there for that treat!)
* sleep
* sun - seriously amazing summer weather!
* time to read
* time to swim, run, walk
* a little shopping (finally used last year b-day gift card for some cute new shoes, jeans, shirts!)
* time to just be a child of god with no responsibilities for anyone else
* food prepared and served to me almost every meal (no dishes to do - wow!!!)
* someone else making my bed and delivering clean towels to my room every day!!

i felt so pampered!  truly, it was an amazing gift of time.  oh yeah, it was a conference too...FULL of stuff to take in.  i was shoved up to the fire hydrant on everything children and family ministry related:

* workshops on family trends
* inspirational speakers at general sessions
* resources galore to peruse and consider
* time connecting with peers
* encouraging conversations
* brainstorming time
* reflection time
* lots to read, observe, learn, consider, take in

i am so thankful. for f5. for refresh. for renewal.

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