Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Want sympathy?

Where do you get it?

Sometimes, it seems you must keep your mouth shut!  You may have had a really bad day, but when your sweet spouse comes home and bends your ear with just how horrible his day was, you (of course, I mean me) just listen and realize your own day needs to suck it up and take care of itself.

I've realized that one "upmanship" doesn't work.  There are times I just need to be supportive and give my own problems, worries, frustrations, and life in general to God alone.  He promises to take care of me, that He has good plans for me, and that I just need to seek Him always.

I claim those promises daily.

So really, dear readers out there in cyberspace, where do you go for a sympathetic ear?  Who is your listening ear when you need it?  mom, friend, spouse, significant other?  Write me!


  1. Normally? It's either you or Sandi Stigant. :-)

  2. You, and thank you (do I ever tell you that?) and my Mom...