Sunday, January 10, 2010

Amazing Misty Moment

The fog rolled in heavy last night.

This morning is was absolutely stunning (except when I was driving, I didn't think so then). About 7 this morning, I walked across the bridge connecting PCC to the Community Center on my way to work. As I looked around, it could have easily been a shot from Ireland or maybe a scene from Lord of the Rings movie or something.

Gray mistiness hung low over the canyon. The air was so thick and wet, I could taste it. It swirled in and out of the trees. The earth seemed caught in a surreptitious hug by God and I was in awe of the silence. I was alone; yet a pervasive peace invaded me. The steeple emerged above it all with a proud and victorious gesture, seeming so out of place.

How can fog be beautiful? Maybe it was the stark bleakness of it all. Maybe it was the myriad of shades of gray. Maybe this is why I enjoy black and white photography so much. There is so much depth to behold without color.

Maybe I just needed that moment...and God provided.

1 comment:

  1. Yes, that fog was beautiful even in the short space between backyard and front.

    Love your blogging...