Saturday, January 16, 2010

Enjoying a Moment

My daughter got up too early this morning.  When she does that I tell her to go back to bed and I will come get her when it's time to get up.  So far, this works still!

When I went in, I had the sweetest 5 minutes with her.  She just wanted to snuggle in her bed and be together.  She gave me hugs and kisses and let me hold her.  I loved it!  She's not much of a cuddle bug, so whenever these opportunities arise, I hope to be there to take advantage.

I love my girls!  I am so thankful to have all that I have been blessed with.  Each moment I cherish these days so much more than ever.

I continually pray for the people of Haiti.  My heart aches and I have no words for what I feel.

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