Tuesday, January 5, 2010

a particular personal vexation

I'd love to know what your biggest pet peeves are! Will you share with me?!

Having many roommates over the years and marriage has taught me that I don't always know what my pet peeves are until someone starts doing something that particularly vexes me personally!

Tonight at Target, I have a list of 5 things to get. I have 25 minutes or so before I need to be somewhere so I just planned on getting in and out quickly. Of course, that's when everyone else seems to operate in slow motion and right in my way!

Here are a few of mine:

* slow people walking in front of me, not paying attention, and I can't get around them
* movie theater talkers
* drivers who don't use their turn signals
* sponge left in water or in sink, not wrung out
* walking into spider webs
* talking to me, but walking away
* ignoring a full garbage can or making it overflow if it's full
* not putting things back where it was found
* returning phone call with an email
* DVDs that skip in the middle of a movie
* constantly being interrupted
* too much perfume or cologne
* when I'm asked for advice and then the advice is ignored
* chairs not pushed in at table after a meal
* TV left on and no one is watching!
* buying fruit only to discover it is not ripe, sweet, or good at all.

Check out this huge list. There are a lot of annoyed folks out there!

I'll add more of my own as I think of them!


  1. my biggest pet peeve is other mothers disciplining my child in my presence!

  2. Oh my gosh! I laughed so hard! I'm sure I've done at least some of those things to you in the past. :-) So sorry!

    I know that I have them.. just cannot think of any at the moment!

  3. I don't know if I want to list out all of my pet peeves. I certainly have them and I notice many while driving, in public places, and at home. Let's just say I pick my battles. :)

  4. Just read your list . . . hee hee, and realized I AM that annoying person! Except for long, dirty or french manicured toenails, I don't really have any other pet peeves. I am pretty much tune little things out (or am blissfully oblivious to them) or blow them up into passionate dislikes! Some passionate dislikes include "My kid's an honor student" stickers and when people dress their little kids in obnoxious T's like "Little brother for sale". Sorry in advance to all the readers I have probably offended!