Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Maximizing Time

Life is sure different for me now with two kids.  I used to live a more orderly, efficient, time managed life.  These days, I feel like it's usually just living in moments of reactive chaos!  Most plans are thwarted, delayed, or altered in some way!

Anyway I keep thinking that there are some tangible things I have learned as I adapt that may be useful to share or simply remind myself of!

Here are a few time wasters in my life that a) I would love to get rid of, b) I actively try to get rid of, c) I don't do anymore, or d) I try not to do anymore!

* junk mail
* commercials
* email spam
* that 45 seconds you have to wait to leave a voice message if no one answers
* folding underwear and socks
* organize my clothes closet
* folding towels "the right way"
* dusting (it just keeps coming back!)
* making my daughter's bed (she just climbs in all day and plays in it anyway)

And here are some things that I have started doing in order to stay sane:
* always put away 3-4 things before I go to bed (toys, mail, dishes, stuff)
* get more silverware so we don't have to wash dishes as often
* ignore the dirty dishes sometimes
* can't stay awake for a movie, go to sleep!  sorry dear!
* junk mail first thing goes to recycle box
* take responsibilities off my plate, lower my expectations
* thank god for the toys i trip over, we are blessed
* praise god for the messes, life granted us another day to live
* being satisfied the clothes are clean even if they're not put away or hung up
* not freaking out when my house is a disaster
* not freaking out when I can't find something
* being okay with not knowing everything, everywhere, all the time

It's late.  Time to go to bed instead of brainstorming such random thoughts!

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