Friday, January 8, 2010

An Internal Freak Out Mom Moment

So, tonight, we are at a friends house,  having a great dinner, celebrating a birthday and just hanging out.  Our daughter is upstairs playing with dress up clothes.  Nothing new really, it happens often at our house.  She loves the heeled sandals, dresses, skirts to "twirl" in.  It's adorable!

I was sitting in the chair closest to the stairs so I could see about halfway up.  I catch a glimpse of her coming down the stairs with a sparkly blue dress on (upside down and backwards, mind you).  My mind and heart leapt; all of the sudden I was picturing her 20 or so years from now in a wedding dress coming down the stairs on her wedding day.  It was like I was already there.  My mind gave me the clear mental image of her grown up, wearing white, a beautiful bride.  It's now etched in my brain!

A startling, but fleeting moment that evaporated as she quickly approached me wanting help to get the dress on right and my normal mom mode kicked in.

We don't have stairs here at our house.  I don't know why the stairs and the dress did that to me, but wow, what a rush!  I want to treasure every moment we have with her until that day.  Lord, help us.  For the boy out there who will one day grow up to be her husband, I pray for him to be all she needs, all she wants, and that he seeks to draw closer to His Heavenly Father each and every day.


  1. Aww! Hana was a flower girl recently in a wedding and seeing her pretty dress had me all emotional about her wedding day. I must start praying for the girls' husbands! I prayed for my own years before I met him and I think God has definitely blesse me :)