Friday, January 22, 2010

Emotion Filled Moments

We're driving down the freeway and I see a full double rainbow ahead.  It's bright and amazing, the colors seeming to pop out against the still gray cloudy late afternoon sky.

Me:  Look, there's a rainbow, can you see it?

Maddy:  Yeah, two mommy!

Me:  Yes, there are two.  You're right.  I didn't think you'd see the second's really light.

Maddy:  (in her most declarative voice) Promise mommy.

Me:  (eyes immediately welling with tears).   I's God's promise, you're right.

Maddy:  Where animals mommy?

Me:  (now stifling laughter)  Uh, well, all the animals were there just for the first rainbow God made.

You gotta love the concrete thinking of a two year old!  In all our Noah books and kid Bibles, I think the animals and the rainbow are in the picture together.  So, why wouldn't she expect to see them today?!

She made me cry AND laugh in the same minute!  Yes, I am sensitive, so what?!

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